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Your fired!

12 November 2018

Being sacked is a real fear for many, and just over one in 10 (15.6% of accounting professionals in a recent poll admitted that’s exactly what happened to them in a previous role!

And, over a quarter (28.6%) said they never saw it coming. With this in mind CV-Library asked accountants what they think the top signs are that someone is about to get the Alan Sugar treatment. Here’s their top 10:

1) Raised concerns about performance (80%)
2) Receiving as formal disciplinary (62.2%)
3) Recently making a big mistake at work (37.8%)
4) Hearing rumours from colleagues (37.8%)
5) Being avoided by managers (33.3%)
6) Workload being reduced (31.3%)
7) Senior staff having lots of meetings (26.7%)
8) Upsetting a manager and/or co-workers (24.4%)
9) Manager is training up a colleague (15.6%)
10) Shifts have been reduced (13.3%)

CV-Libray’s Lee Biggins said if any of the above sound familiar it’s best not to panic right away! He explained: “Just because your colleagues are having extra training or managers are having regular meetings, it doesn’t mean you are about to be fired. That said a formal disciplinary or concerns raised about your performance is a sure fire sign that you need to make a change.”

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