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Your career problems solved: what can I put on my CV?

Be as open and honest on your CV as you can, says Walker Dendle’s Jordan Dodds

November 2015

Question: When can I start using ‘part qualified ACCA’ on my CV and job applications? Is it something employers look at?

Jordan says: There really isn’t a clear answer to this one. Always be as transparent as possible with the details you provide, so for example if you are referring to yourself as part qualified due to exemptions then state that on your CV. If you have passed one or two papers, and have fairly minimal accounting experience, then you may run the risk of unintentionally misleading hiring managers by suggesting you are further along in your studies than you actually are.
Realistically, you may be better off wording it differently, such as ‘ACCA studier, one exam passed’ or something similar. Generally, a good rule to follow would be to refer to yourself as part qualified once you have passed the first level of papers – for example with ACCA, the Fundamentals.
Employers most definitely look at and scrutinise where you are currently at with your studies, including any first-time passes, exemptions and modules that have been a potential area for concern. For example, if an employer is looking for a junior level accountant with a background in audit, but you are yet to pass the F8 ACCA module (Audit and Assurance), then this could be an area of concern for the hiring manager. Again, by not stating this you run the risk of misleading prospective employers.
Keep it transparent and you put yourself in the best possible position. Hiring managers want as much information as possible; far better to give it to them than have them force it out of you at interview!
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