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You're FIRED!

Accountants fear being sacked, according to survey by CV-Library

January 2019

Being sacked is a real fear for many, with 15.6% of accountants in a recent poll admitting that’s exactly what happened to them in a previous role! And over a quarter (28.6%) said they never saw it coming. With this in mind, CV-Library asked accountants what they think the top signs are that someone is about to get the Alan Sugar treatment. Here’s their top 10:

1) Raised concerns about performance (80%)

2) Getting formally disciplined (62.2%)

3) Making a big mistake at work (37.8%)

4) Hearing rumours from colleagues (37.8%)

5) Being avoided by managers (33.3%)

6) Workload being reduced (31.3%)

7) Senior staff having lots of meetings (26.7%)

8) Upsetting a manager and/or co-workers (24.4%)

9) Manager is training up a colleague (15.6%)

10) Shifts have been reduced (13.3%)

CV-Library’s Lee Biggins said if any of the above sound familiar it’s best not to panic right away. He said: “Just because your colleagues are having extra training or managers are having regular meetings, it doesn’t mean you are about to be fired. That said, a formal disciplinary or concerns raised about your performance is a surefire sign you need to make a change.”

Fear of failure...

Almost two-thirds of accountants (64%) admit that certain elements of the job hunt scares them, according to more research from CV-Library. One in 10 accountants also said they even avoided going to an interview because they were “too scared”.
So what frightens accountants the most about job hunting? Here’s the top five fears:

1) Being rejected for a role they wanted (56.3%)

2) Attending interviews (43.8%)

3) Having to take time off to attend interviews (43.8%)

4) Having to do an interview test or task (37.5%)

5) Video interviews (31.5%)

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