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You can’t write that!

PQ magazine takes a look at a recent case that came before the ACCA Disciplinary Committee

October 2016

One ACCA student, Yushreen Busheera Sool, was severely reprimanded recently and ordered to pay costs of £2,605 for writing offensive content in her examination answer booklets during the December 2014 sitting.
The Mauritian student seemed to just ‘lose it’ in her P2 and P5 exam. She was reported in both cases by the examiners to ACCA Exams Conduct. The P5 examiner was particularly shocked at the language she used, saying: “The team leaders who has more than a decade’s worth of marking experience and myself were all commenting that it was probably the worst thing of that sort that they had ever seen.”
So what did she write? Here are some of her entries for the P5 paper:
“x-factor I know, load factor is bullshit, you fat big snoot.. your face is like a big Chimpanzee, you ugly cockroach. Must ram your dickhead, bloody piglet.”
“you silly Englishmen, trying to understand what have I written. Bloody donkeys, you will not understand. Cheesy piece of shit, that’s what you all are.”
“ACCA is a bloodsucker (sucking money each and every time), making us poor students fail by 1 or 2 marks, then re-sit for exams, pay again.”
“I dedicate these 2 last pages for all the puffy sluts and gays that will be correcting this fucking shit paper.”
There was lots more (which you can see in full on the ACCA’s disciplinary section on the website, under ‘Reasons for Decision’, dated 1 June 2016)! But it didn’t stop there, and in the P2 exam she wrote two columns with what she considered ACCA stood for. “A – academically retarded, C – coolest idiots, C – cunningly ignorant, A – accidentally Fetars.” Again, she had some other ideas for ACCA.
When contacted, Sool sent a mobile phone message back saying she was “extremely very sorry for everything”. She explained she was frustrated and “wrote all sorts of bullshits. Please do not penalise or remove me from ACCA. It is humans that err and make errors and should be forgiven. It’s the first time I got so depressed that I was out of my mind.”
The ACCA disciplinary committee noted that Sool had stated she was depressed and asked if she wanted to submit medical evidence covering the period during which she sat the exam. She did not respond.
In her absence the committee decided that her behaviour amounted to misconduct and brought discredit both to herself, ACCA and the accountancy profession. It felt an admonishment nor a reprimand would sufficiently reflect the seriousness of the committee’s findings.
This case may be subject to appeal.

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