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What is your body doing about Google?

04 May 2017

The boycott of Google (and YouTube) by some of the world’s leading brands could cost the company in excess of £600m.

Many largest companies withdrew their advertising in protest of their brands appearing next to pro-anorexia groups, Holocaust deniers, and homophobic, racists and extremist organisations.

PQ contacted the professional bodies and Big 4 firms to find out their position.

The AAT said in the wake of recent concerns regarding ad placements on Google’s Display platform, it has ceased all campaigns where Google algorithms decide where its ads are served. In future it will only use managed placements. This is where it can manually specify sites that AAT ads can appear on; thus eliminating any risk of inappropriate placement.

CIMA said it took recent revelations very seriously. It is currently investigating internal processes.

ACCA stressed it did not do blanket advertising. It uses two main forms of advertising – keyword based pay-per-click and ‘native’ advertising where sponsored ACCA content appears at the end of the news articles and blogs. ACCA pre-determines the websites its ads would run here.

The ICAEW said that it was not currently running any ads on the Google Display Network. Deloitte also said it didn’t have any live advertising campaign running.

EY were the first of any of the respondents to get back to us. It said: “EY takes its brand management from concept through to execution seriously and risk management is an integral part. We use industry-leading brand safety tools across all our centrally-bought paid media…For our l=global campaigns we avoid network buys and instead target our ‘white lists’ or explicit pool of publishers which align to our brand. In an ever evolving and complex media market, we are continually monitoring, updating our polciies and tools, and are quick to address any media buys that don’t conform with our overall approach.

* We did not receive a response from CIPFA, ICAS, PwC or KPMG.

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