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What employers want…

21 August 2018

Fitting into a company’s culture, a proactive personality, and punctuality are some of the top things employers look for when looking to sign up a new employee, says a new AAT poll.

More than a third of the 1,000 employers surveyed said they simply ask that candidates show common sense.

Half of employers revealed they have used a candidate’s social media profile to gauge whether they are fit for the job. Of those who checked candidates online, more than two-thirds have denied an applicant the job based on their questionable conduct.

Many employers also admitted that they are likely to disregard a CV if they found incorrect spellings or poor punctuation. Keeping to the standard two-pages CV is another key to success.

1. How you fir into the company culture
2. How much experience you have
3. Your general personality – do you have one
4. How ell qualified you are
5. A proactive attitude

1. Clear layout
2. Two-page limit length
3. Appropriate font and font size
4. Clear language
5. Correct spelling throughout

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