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We want a fixed exam date please!

The time has come for the ACCA to have an official day for exam results, say both students and tutors.

February 2016

Currently, the ACCA only guarantees results in the ‘week commencing’ date for the four sittings. So for December it is the week commencing Monday 18 January. But as one PQ pointed out to us, in theory that could mean the ACCA could release the results on any day from the Monday to the Sunday (that’s the 24th). One tutor told us: “Perhaps they think that the six day difference isn’t material.”
PQs said that with four sittings they realised they needed to be more organised, but some ventured that the ACCA wasn’t helping by being vague with the date. “We have to adhere to deadlines yet the ACCA seems to want to give itself a bit of leeway, and that doesn’t seem fair,” said another student PQ spoke to.

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