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Want to sit your exams to some drum and base?

23 March 2018

How do you fancy sitting your ACCA with the sound of drum and base banging in your ears? Well, that’s what happened to one group of F5 sitters in London this March!

There also seemed to be an increase of students having problems with their computer exams – remember this is sittings sees a real up scaling of the CBE exams.

One set of F5 sitters had to wait 40 minutes in front of their computer screens before they could begin, and another group of PQs went to three rooms before they were finally allowed to sit their test. Oh, and there was the little matter of a busker outside the Newcastle exam centre. Ear plus may be the order of the day for future exams!

The F5 exam itself was deemed a hard one. One student claimed the CBE was ten times harder than the paper exam, and although many sitters agreed it was harder, some were grateful that CBEs have finally ‘arrived’.

F7 students told us they were taken aback by the disposal of a subsidiary with group accounts question. They were sure ‘approved’ texts say a 20-marker question like this will not appear!

Reading technical articles also proved particularly useful for P1 sitters. One student explained six of the articles ‘came up’. “Thank God I read them just before the exam,” they stressed.

The big complaint about P2 was how ‘dry’ this paper is. Section B was also described as ‘weird’! But many students admitted they loved the Brexit question and LaLand. One student did say the examiner should have just gone for it and called it LaLaland. One country and two exchange rates did confuse them though.

Finally a P5 sitter summed up many March sitters’ experience: “It’s the bloody time pressure.”

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