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Use specimen papers, ACCA begs students

Students must do everything they can to become familiar with how the CBE exam tools work, said ACCA officials at the Global Learning Providers’ Conference.

July 2017

ACCA pleads that candidates not wait for the exam itself to do this. Current research discovered that 20%–25% of CBE sitters have not logged on to the specimen papers before attempting their first CBE exam. That same research found that students are 27% more likely to achieve a pass if they have looked at the specimen paper, compared with those who haven’t.
CBE candidates were also told to do their workings in the answer spaces so markers can see them.
ACCA reiterated the fact that it does not expect word processing and spreadsheet geniuses.
The feedback from markers is that CBE sitters seem to get to the point quicker than their paper-based colleagues. There is not so much ‘random writing’ and students ‘going off on a tangent’, it was suggested.
The CBEs allow students to go back into earlier answers and add to them, and this makes it easier for markers to give those marks too, rather than them trying to find where the candidate has put them in the paper booklet!

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