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Updates to PER

CIMA students might have noticed that there have been some recent changes with regard to our Practical Experience Requirements (PER), notably there is a second choice of how to submit, writes Tricia Buchanan. This is a soft launch of a new online process during which CIMA is gathering feedback from applicants and assessors. The results of this will be used to enhance the new process and CIMA expects to be launching this pilot fully soon, and promoting it to our students, training providers and employers.

July 2016

What is PER?
In order to become a CIMA member and Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), students need a minimum of three years’ verified relevant work-based practical experience. This experience is assessed through the process called PER applications, which are an essential part of the CIMA qualification and CIMA’s membership application process.
As part of the PER, students are assessed to determine whether they have gained sufficient professional experience and whether they can apply their knowledge and skills to the work environment.
If approved, students are awarded Associate membership and therefore receive the ACMA, CGMA designations.
We have updated the submission process for the PER to ensure it is aligned with the syllabus and assessment of the 2015 CIMA Professional Qualification and based around the CGMA Competency Framework.
Our Framework consists of four knowledge areas: Technical Skills, Business Skills, People Skills and Leadership Skills, and is underpinned by Ethics, Integrity and Professionalism.
Each knowledge area contains a number of competency categories and individual competencies or skills. The minimum 36 months’ experience needed is required across the four knowledge areas, with a maximum of 60 months to be evidenced.
The new way of submitting an application also complies with IFAC’s (International Federation of Accountants) international education standards.

What does this mean for students?
We have created the new user-friendly Membership Application Tool (MAT). Once our pilot is finished students may expect an intuitive online application process where they can easily update their competence on the go as they continue to gain further professional experience.
Students can begin to record their practical experience on the MAT as soon as they have started studying at Operational level of the CIMA professional qualification. They also have the option of submitting their application for assessment after they have completed all three objective tests at Strategic level.
If students have not completed the Strategic level case study exam at the time their experience is approved, election to membership will be provisional pending their exam results.
Existing applicants do not have to worry. They are not at a disadvantage as the existing PER application process will be kept open at least until 31 December 2016.
• Tricia Buchanan is Director of Operational Delivery at CIMA

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