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Top tips from a record breaker

Meet top ACCA studier Himani Singla, a record-breaking distance learning PQ with First Intuition

June 2016

Himani Singla, now a NQ, has an exam record that is hard to beat. She came first in India for her F5, F6, F7, F8, P1, P2, P3 and P6 exams. What went wrong with F9 and the other optional paper is all we have to say! We asked Singla some questions that might help you in your journey:

How did you prepare for your ACCA exams?
Proper planning, hard work and time management enabled me to succeed in my ACCA exams. My primary focus was to understand the concept and then practice as many questions I could to make myself comfortable with the topic.

In your opinion, what is the secret to becoming an ACCA prizewinner?
If you have a bit of dedication and a strong will you too can become a prizewinner. I managed to earn a rank in almost every paper and I am sure you too can do the same if you put the work in.

What was it like studying with First Intuition?
Initially I was scared of this whole online concept, especially as these were professional exams, but the whole experience enabled me to understand that we donít always need a classroom. Online tutors are very helpful and ready to answer your queries, but you too should take the initiative and mail them on a regular basis. You donít want a big list of things you donít know piling up!

How will your ACCA qualification help you in your career?
I work for KPMG and studying ACCA helped me understand a lot of concepts that were just a term to me earlier. ACCA will, I am sure, be a gateway of global opportunities, enabling me to prosper in my career in future.

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