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Study Zone

Top revision tips

Here are some top tips on how to pass your ACA exam – courtesy of the ICAEW

December 2016

What type of learner are you? Are you a slow burner or a last-minute crammer? Some people feel more confident if as much information is fresh in their heads as possible, while others prefer steady revision with spaced out practise. Which suits you?

Top tips
Make sure you understand the information. You can’t just learn everything off by heart, you’ll need to demonstrate understanding. If you don’t understand something, think of who you can ask. Is it a manager, tutor, fellow student or even the student community?
Structure your time, make a long-term and a short-term revision plan. Ask yourself what you need to know, and how long it’s going to take to learn it.
Relax. The ACA is a marathon, not a sprint. Make sure you make time to carry on doing what you like, and try to have a life outside of work and exams.
While you’re in the flow of revision, make sure to schedule in breaks. Giving yourself ten minutes to get up and walk around will help you refresh and process what you’ve learnt.
Practise, practise, practise. The question bank will show you how you will be tested and is essential to your exam prep. If you get stuck on something, write it down or make a flashcard.
When it comes to the exam make sure you manage your time wisely. You’ll need to answer all questions within a time limit - again, practise it!

Useful tools
• iMindMap (Android and iOS, free)
Contains a built in sketch tool and the ability to record audio notes. Use these to create an interactive visualisation of your notes.
• Exam Countdown (iOS, free)
Use this to keep on track with what’s coming up.
• Chegg Flashcards (iOS, free)
Create your own flashcard sets and remind yourself of anything you find hard. Read through them whenever you have a spare moment.
• ICAEW App (iOS, free)
Keep an eye on exam dates and deadlines, choose upcoming modules to access relevant exam resources and track exam progress.
For more ACA study resources, including exam webinars and articles, go to icaew.com/examresources.
Reproduced with the permission of ICAEW, this article was first published in Vital (October 2016). Vital is the quarterly magazine for ACA students.
© ICAEW 2016. icaew.com/vital

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