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Time to just ‘buzz off’

14 September 2017

What are the buzzwords that accountants hate the most?

Well, let’s just say we shouldn’t touch base on that one! Yes, ‘let’s touch base’ is by far the most hated buzzwords for accountants, with 60% saying it makes their skin crawl. Next up is ‘thinking outside the box’ closely followed by ‘park this’.

Research from CV-Library also discovered that your fellow accountants will judge you if you use too many buzzwords. Some four in five accountants say buzzwords are totally unnecessary in the workplace and don’t make you sound more intelligent!

Here’s are accountants top 10 of most hated buzzwords:
1) Let’s touch base
2) Thinking outside the box
3) Park this
4) Ping me
5) For the win
6) FYI
7) Thought shower
8) Run it up the flag pole
9) Keep me in the loop
10) Level playing field

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