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Time for an ACCA student council

Do ACCA PQs need a student council to represent the views of all students?

December 2015

That is just one suggestion coming from the fall-out over the announcement that the ACCA will no longer be publishing the exam papers and examiners’ answers after each sitting.
Some students feel they haven’t been properly consulted about the move and liked the idea of a more formal arrangement for feedback, such as a student committee.
However, the ACCA does work hard to engage with students through its active learning community. It also has Learning Community Champions, who advise it on the best ways of improving the learning community.
The ACCA has upped its game considerably in recent years to become more engaged with its PQs, but the news that the paper Q&As were no longer being published after each sitting just didn’t seem to filter through to students. When PQ magazine announced the change students asked: “When is this happening?” We had to tell them it already had!
Students really don’t like the move. With exam practice such a major factor in preparing for the real thing students just could not get their heads around the fact that they were no longer available.
As one ACCA said: “As good as some books are, there’s no substitute for completing exam questions against the clock.”
Students also want to go over the actual test they have sat, not an amalgamation of questions from the last two sittings. “That will mean nothing to me and the experience I went through,” a disgruntled PQ pointed out.

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