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Meet Jean-Paul Noel-Cephise, former accountant and author of 7 Deadly Dates

April 2018

As regular readers will know, PQ magazine always loves a story that is a little left-field. So we were more than happy to listen to ACCA lecturer and accountant’s Jean-Paul Noel-Cephise’s story when he called one day. We discovered that following a degree in finance he studied for the ACCA qualification. His current job as a freelance lecturer takes him all over the world. He has also worked as a legal executive in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.
But he didn’t want to talk about accountancy! No, he wanted to talk about love, and a book he had just written. We told him the February issue, which came out just after Valentine’s Day, had come and gone, but he insisted.
His book, ‘7 Deadly Dates’, charts his experience of internet dating, warts and all. It took three years of dating and six months to write his tome.
He explained that after getting divorced in 2012 he wasn’t immediately comfortable with being single. He hadn’t dated for 17 years, so was a bit out of practice. When he got back into the game he was a little shocked by what he found, and began keeping a journal.
His ‘experiences’ can now be read in ‘7 Deadly Dates’, and he’s got some great reviews, including one in this issue (see page 29). Jean-Paul must love the fact that he has been described as Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw – “well, if she was a bloke and lived in south London”. And we think his experiences would make a great TV show too (seriously). We just haven’t worked out who would play Jean-Paul yet, though.

Dating guru:
The dates took him to the heart of Istanbul’s criminal underbelly and even to Bromley South station car park. His book is also packed with sound dating advice and in his circle he has become the dating guru, or maybe even the ‘UK Hitch’. So, what are the no-nos? Well, perhaps you shouldn’t add a foot to your height, as you will be found out! Oh, and use a picture that actually is you, or at least looks like you now.
But if you want to know more you need to read his book.
You might want to check out the website too and its great little video. You can also order the book or ebook. See www.7deadlydates.com

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