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The workplace: the perfect CV

PQ editor Graham Hambly gives some pointers on writing a winning CV

September 2015

Fear of rejection can mean that your CV says very little about the ‘real’ you. We all have our pet loves and hates when it comes to a CV, but the biggest problem for the recruiter is they can all blend into one. They can seem to be too bland.
It’s a no-to a picture, let’s get that said at the start. Our other big advice is to keep it short, ensure there are no stand-out typos and, like in your accountancy exams, understand the importance of verbs. Try to ‘manage’ rather than ‘have worked on’ a project. And don’t go on and on about one job you did years ago to the detriment of something more recent. Having quantifiable achievements is always good. But don’t lie either, or puff yourself up too much. Keep that for the interview – the puffing up, not the lying.
You have to remember that ‘competencies’ is what it is all about today. Does your CV show off your business acumen, whole leadership and technical capabilities? While many people have figured out they need to be team players and results-orientated just putting it in the CV doesn’t help. You need to give specific examples and prove these points. Your CV needs to be evidence based.
You also have to remember that your CV won’t be the only thing potential employers look at to find out what you have been up to work wise. Many the consultants use IT programmes looking at LinkedIn pages. They check to see whether people update their profile as this can be an indicator that you are thinking of moving. Both consultants and employers will look at your profile online, so make sure it matches your CV.

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