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The morning ritual

Brian Scudamore, CEO of O2E Brands, recently set out six morning rituals that he believes will make you productive all day. Here they are:

June 2017

1) Set you alarm (with precision) and don’t compromise here – 6am is 6am!
2) Have one ‘daily intention’. Do you have a written down ‘to do’ list? If you don’t you should have one thing you need to achieve each day. Oh, and it can be as simple as eating a carrot.
3) Have a ‘power hour’. Are you a morning or an evening person? If it’s morning then use that time to revise. That alarm went off at 6am, so use the first hour of your day to study. And Scudamore says that during that hour you are not allowed to check your phone/email, etc. You are in charge – not those faceless online people!
4) Eat properly – fuel your body. Get yourself a sharp knife and peeler. Lots of fruit and veg is the key here.
5) Commuting is a killer – make it work for you. You need to get the balance right, What do you do on your commute? You need to maximise the dead time.
6) Sleep is key. A good night’s sleep is a must. Bad days just make it harder. So try to end the day on a positive note.

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