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The generation game

Kathy Moore (mum) and Jemma (daughter) are both studying AAT at HTFT. How does this play out at home?

May 2016

You are both studying AAT level 2, why did you choose to study accountancy together?
Jemma: I was given the opportunity to study through work. When I mentioned to mum about who I was studying with, and the fact that HTFT had the facility to study from home and do classes online, she was keen to join as well. I thought if we both did it we would be able to help each other if one of us didnít understand something and the other one did.
Kathy: Jemma was asked to study AAT as part of her training for her job with Listers. I have worked for my father in accounts for the past 24 years but have no formal qualification. So I thought I would see if I could get one with HTFT!

Are you competitive when it comes to the assessments/exams?
Jemma: I wouldnít say I was competitive Ė I just want us both to do our best, and cross my fingers that we both pass each topic! Mum gets very nervous when it comes to the exams, so as long as she passes I am happy and can relax a bit.
Kathy: I donít think either of us is competitive when it comes to exams. Iíd like to think we are supportive and encourage each other just like when we play in a netball match together!

Who is the more natural accountant?
Jemma: Definitely my mum. She has been doing accounts since 1992, where as I have been doing it just under a year, so she has the upper hand on that one! Hopefully, it will come naturally to me one day.
Kathy: Jemma is most definitely the more natural accountant. She is so much better at maths than me and more meticulous. I am sure itís harder to remember all the information you need to as you get older!

What is your favourite subject?
Jemma: Probably Errors and Control Accounts.
Kathy: Not sure that I have a favourite!

Who studies the hardest, and what advice would you give to fellow students?
Jemma: Although we both work hard together and try our best, Iíd probably say mum studies the hardest. She works really hard to try to understand everything, and wonít give up until she gets it. My advice would be not to panic if you donít understand a topic straight away; it will come with time and practice. I donít usually fully understand a topic until I have completed several practice questions.
Kathy: I think we both have the determination to work hard Ė we like to do the best we can in all things that we do. My advice to fellow students would be to work hard, try your best and not to be embarrassed or afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Do you plan to go on after AAT to study with one of the other accountancy bodies?
Jemma: I havenít got any plans in place yet for when I finish AAT. My reasons for studying AAT were so that I would understand my job more thoroughly and to be able to progress at work. So I think I am going to just see how the next levels of AAT go, and if I feel like I could manage the step up to CIMA it might be the next stage for me.
Kathy: At this moment in time, I am not sure what my plans after AAT are.

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