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The Future is digital

18 February 2019

The future is digital and CIMA is re-shaping its syllabus to ensure its PQs are future-proofed.

At the great unveiling at the Future of Finance Festival in London CIMA’s top man, Andrew Harding, said that the new syllabus was “not only future-proofing the qualification it was future-proofing the profession.”

The big difference from previous syllabus launches is the publishing of exam blueprints. These have been developed to help demystify the exams, improve student outcomes and ultimately increase employability. Tutors have also been heavily involved in the process at every stage and they have helped shaped the new blueprints. “It’s been a much more collaborative process,” admitted Harding.

The aim then is to take the second-guessing about what is in the syllabus, and means students know exactly what to focus on. Asked if P1 and P2 will still be the hardest OTs we were told students will still have to learn the volume of knowledge, but by articulating what is examinable (and not in the exam) CIMA is clarifying exactly what PQs need to do. Harding wanted to stress that this, however, was in no way dumbing down.

To reinforce the changes E1 Organisation Management will become Managing Finance in a Digital World, and E2 is renamed, so instead of being called Project and Relationship Management it becomes Managing Performance.

From November 2019, when the new OT syllabus is introduced, students will be studying subjects such as digital strategy, cyber risks, data and information in a digital world and the role technology is playing in the finance function.

November 2019 is also the date of the last case study sitting under the existing syllabus. However, as an added safeguard CIMA is providing case study resitters the chance of a February 2020 sitting using the same pre-seen. February 220 is the date on the first sitting of the new case study using the 2019 syllabus changes.

CIMA told PQ magazine that it is looking to minimise the disruption to students. It has even launched a microsite for those in transition, The ‘Transition Planner’ has 21 scenarios, so students can work out exactly how the changes affect them personally.

The new textbooks for the 2019 syllabus will be published on 1 August and this will be the first time that students will be able to book their November test.

* Read page 14 in the latest issue of PQ magazine for more.

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