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The examiners’ workshops: P2

Here’s what the ACCA examiners had to say about your performance at the Global Learning Conference

July 2017

P2 Corporate Reporting

When it comes to recent exams the examiner felt that candidates often focus on retention of information and memorisation rather than understanding. He wants candidates to understand the principles behind the learning and then interact with the material. A good candidate thinks critically and relates the information to practice, he said.
The examiner was quite critical of students and said he was “disappointed with the standard of students scripts”.
He revealed that he has decided that there is no point trying to examine the nuances of the syllabus as students aren’t up to it. So he won’t test the nitty gritty of the IFRSs, he only expects PQs to know the key points of the standard.
Students also don’t seem to understand what the verbs are asking for. When he asks for ‘advise’ and ‘appraise’ he just gets a list.
The examiner emphasised that the conceptual framework is relevant to all questions. However, candidates’ answers are sometimes naïve in the practical application of IFRSs. He suggested that tutors should be teaching subjects across the IFRSs. Another worry was the fact that students seem to be taking a strategic (rather than deep) approach to study, selecting topics and basing their studies on past questions.
The examiner said it was good practice to show separate workings, particularly for complex calculations.

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