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Show me the money! The survey

A new survey reveals what you really want from your job, says Karen Young

July 2017

Part qualifieds have revealed that pay remains their top priority when contemplating staying in a role or accepting a new job. However, it is not enough for employers to rely on salary alone – competitive pay is a must, but doesn’t provide complete satisfaction in isolation.
Culture, work-life balance and career progression are all important to professionals when choosing to stay with their current employer or move to a new job, according to our latest ‘What Workers Want Report 2017’.
A competitive salary isn’t enough
Interestingly, our findings revealed that, after pay, it was cultural fit that was ranked by PQs as most important when considering to stay in a job (22%) or when evaluating accepting a new job (23%) – more than career progression and benefits in both instances.
More than half of you would also be prepared to take a pay cut to work for an organisation with a better cultural fit, highlighting the importance for employers to offer PQs more than just a competitive salary.
We can’t ignore the fact that a significant 80% of you would be tempted to consider another job if it meant a higher salary, which shows an obvious need for employers to offer a competitive salary. But it is also important to note that aside from salary it is improved work-life balance that is most likely to tempt you to consider a new job, with almost half of the PQs surveyed saying so.
Further to this, almost a quarter of you said you are actively looking for a new job, with 45% of you hoping for a more challenging role; 43% longer-term opportunities; and a third hoping a new job will offer improved work-life balance. It’s clear today’s PQs have their sights set on progressing in their career while having a good balance between work and personal life.
Over three-quarters of the PQs surveyed said they are ambitious, with almost two-thirds wanting to reach the ‘C-Suite’ or senior management later in their career. A third also said they would turn down a job if no training or development was offered. We anticipate pressure will mount on employers to review career paths and training opportunities to encourage loyalty from their trainee accountants.
As we can see from the report’s findings there are a number of factors aside from salary that are desirable to PQs, so employers will need to assess how they can offer employees the complete package, to retain and attract the most ambitious individuals.
• Karen Young, Director at Hays Accountancy and Finance. See www.hays.co.uk/recruitment/what-workers-want

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