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September feedback for the ACCA exams

Confusion reigned at the start of the F8 ACCA September exams as students had to get their heads around a change in the question numbers – Q16, Q17 and Q18 becoming Q1, Q2 and Q3 respectively.

October 2016

Some students said invigilators wasted valuable time explaining the changes and felt it was all very unprofessional. However, on Open Tuition’s noticeboard one PQ pointed out that if students were distracted by such a minor issue they were just using it as an excuse. He explained: “If I got distracted that easily I would be distracted every time someone asked for extra paper or went to the bathroom.” He stressed students need to learn to ‘zone out’.
There also appeared to be some problems for CBE F5 sitters. One PQ revealed the exam was delayed for 35 minutes because of technical problems of various kinds. The sitter was interrupted twice more by staff. At one point the exam was stopped so that the invigilator could call technical services.
Sitters described P2 as another time-pressured exam. However, many ‘liked’ the consolidation question this time around, as it was pretty straightforward.
F7 sitters found the September test tough. The big debate was whether Q32 or Q31 was the hardest. The jury is still out.
For P5 candidates time was the critical factor. There were also complaints about the length of the scenarios. One PQ said: “We are getting information overload.”

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