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September ACCA exam results

16 October 2017

The September ACCA pass rates are out, and some don't makes pretty reading.

F8's pass rate was 37% and P7's was a mere 31%.

Over 101,365 students took the September sitting, and 130,824 exams were taken.

Here are the paper pass rates: F1 80%; F2 62%; F3 67%; F4 80%; F5 43%; F6 48%; F7 47%; F8 37%; F9 48%; P1 53%; P2 50%; P3 55%; P4 35%; P5 32%; P6 33%; P7 31%.

PQ tweeted out the results earlier today. Poor Emma M said: "Dreading December exams already - sitting P6 and P7."

Another PQ tweeted:"Wow, option papers!" IKA whailed: "Wahhh 37%" when they saw the F8 pass rate.

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