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Say hello to your robot colleagues

Half of accountants would feel comfortable working alongside a ‘robot colleague’, according to new research from FreeAgent.

July 2018

Interestingly, 32% of respondents said they still didn’t know how they would feel, and a further 18% admitted they felt uncomfortable about the whole idea.
FreeAgent’s CEO Ed Molyneux told PQ magazine that he felt some might think it ‘remarkable’ that half of accountants are embracing the idea of robots, but they want the boring and menial work to be taken away!
There also appears to be a lot of optimism about the future of the accountancy profession. Molyneux said that Generation Z accountants will reinvent the profession as they go along – they will simple use their skills in a different way.
Respondents were more sceptical about cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. More than half (58%) believe that very little, or no accountancy work, will be conducted in cryptocurrencies in five years’ time. Molyneux felt Bitcoin behaved more like a stock than a currency. Meanwhile, the interesting stuff like blockchain might be some 10–15 years away from full implementation.

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