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07 June 2019


Sitters found time the problem here – too much to analyse in too little time.

One PQ admitted to missing the last question altogether. Some students feel they need 3.5 hours to get the job done properly.

Another asked if the ACCA was just after students who produce answers like robots. “WE don’t have time to think.”

Others were complaining that the CBE word and spreadsheet applications just aren’t user-friendly enough.


Some odd and some normal questions, is how one PQ put it! Q4 seems to have been the hard one this time around, and many sitters admitted they struggled with it. Overall, student found it a ‘difficult’ and ‘hard’ test. Another sitter just said: “Horrible, horrible, horrible. Nothing like the specimen or past SBR papers.”

Some students felt the new exam just encourages rote learning and discussion type questions. “It doesn’t help students improve their relevant skills.” Others thought it was too academic now. As one PQ said: “I don’t need to criticise standards I need to know how to apply them!”

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