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Don’t sit on the fence

12 February 2019

CIMA PQs were told to stop sitting on the fence by the operational case study examiner recently.

In a blog following the November case they said: “If you are asked for a recommendation, make one! Don’t sit on the fence and say it could be this, or could be that.”

The examiner wants you to have the courage of your convictions and make a recommendation. “If it is appropriately justified you will score marks,” PQs were told.

OCS sitters were also told to make sure their P1 and F1 technical knowledge is firmly embedded in their brain before sitting the case. You can’t blag it based on what you remember from sitting the OTQ exams.

Student will need to take this advice into the Trigg Adventure February case study, when they take on the role of a finance officer, who’s principal responsibility is preparing accounting information, although they are often asked to perform tasks in other areas of the business.

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