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The superpowered accountant

Last year we brought you Tick, the accountancy superhero – now we have found Pawan, the accounting demigod!

Pawan: The Flying Accountant’ is Indian comedian Sorabh Pant’s third novel and stars Arjun Singh (aka Pawan), an accountant by day and superhuman by
We first meet Singh on a terrace in Lucknard surrounded by gangsters. He apparently didn’t manage to get a certain client the tax saving they were expecting!
Singh is a chartered accountant, a manic depressive, single, and loves rum. He’s upset he has never made the ‘CA of the Month’ gallery, and even Kunal Rao, who
needs a calculator to calculate how many calculators he has, has done that!
So, our hero is a typical accountant
in Pant’s imagination. Pawan then gets fired, or as HR tells him, “promoted
to another company without our help”.
Slowly, the clues come that Singh is different. Having a tail might be a big one. Soon all becomes clear and our ‘Son of the Winds’ discovers who he really is.

PQ rating 4/5: This is a surprisingly good read, once you get through the disclaimers and prologue.

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