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Association unveils new jobs shake-up

PQ has discovered that The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (The Association), the body formed by CIMA and its US partner the AICPA, has begun an extensive business transformation programme.

April 2018

Almost a year to the day that it created the Association and transferred CIMA and AICPA employee positions to the new body, it has confirmed that 120 jobs, about 8% of the global workforce, will be ‘changing’ roles.
Association CEO – Managing Accounting, Andrew Harding, in an exclusive interview with PQ magazine, explained that bringing the two bodies together meant there is some duplication of roles. He admitted there are also some key areas, particularly digital, where it needs to up its game. He stressed that the organisation wants to ensure it has staff with the right skill-set to support their students and members going forward, and reiterated that the idea is not to cut staff numbers.
In fact, he said that at this very moment the Association has a significant number of vacancies. When pushed, Harding emphasised that he didn’t expect a lot of redundancies, and although it is still early days in the process he honestly believes at the end of the ‘transformation’ the Association will be employing more people than it does today.

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