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ĎThe skyís the limití

We caught up with Jaye Snell of Exe Bookkeeping and Payroll Services, a distance learning student with the ICB

August 2018

What made you decide to study through distance learning?
I studied bookkeeping through distance learning because I needed the ease and flexibility it offers. I knew I couldnít commit to a classroom-based course and wanted to work at my own pace. ICB really stood out and ticked all the boxes for what I wanted to learn, including payroll and self assessment tax, which I couldnít do anywhere else.

Why did you choose the ICB route for your qualifications?
I gained AAT QB status, but I felt that ICBís qualifications were more practical. When I made the transition to the ICB courses I learnt so much because they focus on real-world skills. Iíve always wanted to do the nitty-gritty; taking the paperwork and turning it into something meaningful. AAT was very focused on people in a firm who wanted to be an accountant.

What is it about being a self-employed bookkeeper that appeals to you?
Before bookkeeping I started a website about motorcycling and had a few hobby businesses. Iíve always wanted to make something of myself because I had such a rough time at school and needed to prove to myself that I can do it and make up for lost time. I want to have meaning and make a difference. I feel like I can do this through bookkeeping. From my experience, small businesses really need our help.

What resources can you recommend?
I went to the ICBís Inspire Tour when it came to Exeter and it was really amazing. Exactly what I needed, because running your own business can be isolating. Itís great to hear people saying ĎI know what that feels like.í Obviously I can talk to my family and friends, but sometimes their eyes just glaze over!

What is it like running a bookkeeping practice?
I set up my own business in April this year, and Iím about to take on my third client. Iím excited. Running your own bookkeeping practice is such a rewarding career; youíre out meeting people, making a difference to the economy, small businesses and individuals. And Iíve got the ICB community to support me.

What is your biggest aspiration?
I want to grow my business, be able to take on staff, and create a training arm to give people the opportunities I wasnít able to have. Maybe Iím a bit of a dreamer but I think if youíve got a goal the skyís the limit. Lifeís too short not to go for it.

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