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07 December 2018

How were December PM and APM exams?

Here’s our feedback for day three...


Overall a mixed response from sitters - some thought December’s exam was ‘hard’ and others felt it ‘wasn’t a hard test’.

Students seemed to struggle with how the information was presented, and one PQ was worried they had underestimated PM.

A number of students on one notice board admitted they didn’t do any practice questions before sitting the real thing. That worried many other sitters. “You will NOT finish this qualification without question practice,” said Chris, a PQ who has just taken his final exam.

The 10 mark seeded question also threw some. They were genuinely surprised that these marks don’t count to that final mark.


A fair paper, with a few surprises is how many described this sitting. Time pressure was there too. “I needed more time to finish, “ explained one sitter. Another said: “The examiner asks the simplest questions in the most confusing manner. It’s not fair that advanced papers have the same three hours as intermediate papers.”

The examiner was also praised for giving sitters every model they needed. “That was quite kind,” said one sitter. Another stressed: “Why did I spend time memorising the damned models.”

A confusing Q2 led to some

sitters wishing they still had a choice in the exams.

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