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04 December 2018

Monday’s ACCA exam papers


Many heads were still spinning after sitting the December ‘test’. Part A was deemed difficult when compared to past papers, and many admitted to spending to long on it! The general consensus on the Open Tuition noticeboard was: “Section A was tough and my section B had a lot of substantive procedures.”

Another sitter asked - where was the revised quality control question?

For those sitting CBEs for the first time the sound of typing was again ‘very off putting’. One sitter said they had to “read the scenario 3 times due to the volume of typing by the person next to me. Not a fan!”


Those sitting the December exam felt this was a ‘do-able paper’. So, it was down to candidates’ time management. “Timing is as always the key,” explained one sitter.

Some students were frustrated with the lack of an audit report question as this is a mandatory part of the syllabus. However, a PQ said overall they felt the actual exam was pretty straightforward to compare to the mock exams they had sat. One tweet to us said: “I sat AAA and it seemed like a fair exam, but time pressured. It took me almost 2 hours to do Q1!”. Another: “V time pressured. Hopefully done enough.”

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