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Blockchain your certificates

26 March 2019

ICAS has revealed it is trailing the use of blockchain technology to issue digital certificates to its newly qualifieds, with the help of PwC and it’s Smart Credential platform.

All staff who have qualified with ICAS at the Big 4 firm, in the last two years, are being given access to a virtual wallet. This allows owners complete control over sharing their professional credentials digitally, reducing the exposure to fraud.

ICAS CEO, Bruce Cartwright, said: “Our newly-qualified members involved in this trial can now take control of their personal data by replacing the paper-based certificate with a secure digital version. Not only this, but the technology allows instant verification of their credentials, putting an end to the back-and-forth involved in establishing good standing and ensuring our members can get on their their jobs.”

Steve Davies, global blockchain leader at PwC explained: “The ability to prove your identity online is critical in today’s digital world and the same is true of the qualifications you hold.”

He admitted like many others he takes pride in the certificate hanging on his wall, but you cannot take it down and share it when you need to!

However, the demand for verified, trusted and irrefutable identities from many different types of organisations is rising. Potential employers, in particular, want to ensure that an applicant holds the credentials listed on their CVs.

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