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Day 4 of the ACCA March exams

08 March 2019

How was day 4 for you? Here’s what we discovered

‘Not a complete disaster,’ according to one PQ.

Another sitter found the exam all a little odd – they had hardly anything on consolidated groups or goodwill. They did get a strange question on sheep and biological assets!

The lemon and lime question was also a hot point on noticeboards. The Samba question left some confused too. Did you remember how to calculate disposals?

Students do feel strange about getting different questions. As one sitter put it: “I feel it’s wrong we sit different generated exams, as I don’t think it’s fair.” Another wondered: “Is it fair that students can be writing different questions at the same time?”


It was either “a real disaster, Q1 was horrible and confusing” or “not too bad, it was passable”. Take your pick!

For many this was a tough test. “In my opinion it was one of the hardest exams I have sat for so far,” said one PQ. Another agreed: “Absolute disaster for me…”

Yet another said: “Ridiculous exam. I stopped after two hours and just sat there. I don’t think I will get more than 20%.”

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