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P1 is CIMAís hardest paper

15 February 2019

The CIMA OT pass rates are in for the year (2018) and first time rates range all the way from from 51% to 89%. P1 is now the stand-out hardest paper, with a first time pass rate of just 51%. The next two toughest papers are P2 and F2, both with first time pass rates of 57%.

Overall pass rates remain healthy and as always students seem to love their E papers. They have pass rates of 80%, 89% and 75% respectively. CIMA said it was pleased with the case study results too. Management case study sitters might be shocked to see a 57% case study pass rate after all the 70% pass rates throughout the rest of the year. However this Novemberís 57% was still above the 56% achieved by November 2017 sitters.

There was also a big jump in the operational case study pass rate at the last sitting. At 60% this is well above the pass rates for the year, that hovered between 43-51%.

CIMA OT 2018 first-time pass rates: E1 80%; P1 51%; F1 76%; E2 89%; P2 57%; F2 57%; E3 75%; P3 60%; F3 60%

CIMA OT 2018 overall pass rates: E1 88%; P1 68%; F1 85%; E2 95%; P2 76%; F2 79%; E3 86%; P3 75%; F3 79%

CIMA OT 2018 total pass rates: E1 77%; P1 47%; F1 72%; E2 87%; P2 51%; F2 52%; E3 70%; P3 54%; F3 55%

CIMA case study November 2018 pass rates: Operational 60%; Management 57%; Strategic 60%

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