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More cautious than excited…

12 December 2018

British consumers are more sceptical about the benefits of new technology than their global counterparts, says new research from KPMG.

So when looking at a world with virtual PAs, smart home devices and self-drive cars, UK consumers were found to be less excited and more cautious.

Just 29% of Brits considered virtual personal assistants to be ‘cool’, compared to the global average of 42%. Meanwhile, 17% of Brits thought the technology was ‘creepy’, compared to 10% of respondents globally.

When looking at self-drive cards some 40% said they were creepy (globally is was 28%), while 16% thought they were cool (globally that percentage was double - 28).

KPMG’s Adrian Clamp said: “We know that UK consumers are increasingly anxious about sharing their personal data, so it is fitting that their regard for the latest generation of data-collecting technology is also less positive than the global average.”

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