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PQ magazine is for part qualified accountants.

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Advertising in PQ Magazine

PQ Magazine is living proof that quality counts.
•PQ Magazine is now the most requested magazine for part qualified accountants there is with an ABC of 33,315.
• With PQ Magazine you get quality all round: quality editorial, quality advertisers and quality readership.
Remember, to receive our magazine part qualified accountants have to request it. As always we will be the magazine innovating in the marketplace - where we go, others will try to follow.

With readers from all the CCAB bodies and the AAT, we have to be the best spend for anyone wanting to talk to all PQs.

Ask yourself: if you were a PQ, which magazine would you be reading?

PQ & NQ Magazine
020 7216 6444
Polly Thrasivoulou

Looking after private information:

PQ Publishing is determined to ensure that your privacy is protected. In light of the GDPR regulations we have updated our policy in order to maximise transparency and be ready to display exactly how we use your data. Any personal information we have of yours will never be shared with any other party without our knowledge.

What information we collect:
We only collect personal data about you that serves the purpose of supplying you with PQ magazine and related material. The information we may collect on you is limited to your name, address and (in some cases) phone number and email address, as the only function we have that requires information is our mailing list.
We will not collect your email address without consent, and if we are sending emails to you that is because we believe we have your consent. There will always be the option to unsubscribe from our emails.
We will not collect or keep any other personal information about you.
We will not collect more information than we need nor keep it longer than we need to.
You can ask us to remove your personal information at any time.

Keeping and using personal information:
No third parties have access to your personal data unless the law allows them to.
We will always let you know what information we have about you if you ask, and we will always try and make sure our information is up to date.

Removing your personal information:
You can ask us to remove your personal information at any time. You can do this by writing to us via email to dom@pqaccountant.com. We will remove your information and show evidence of us having done so.

Data breaches:
If someone gets hold of your private information from our database without our knowledge, we will immediately review our information storage system and find out how the information had been acquired, as well as informing the Information Commissioner’s Office.
Terms and Conditions
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