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‘The sky’s the limit’

We caught up with Jaye Snell of Exe Bookkeeping and Payroll Services, a distance learning student with the ICB

How to get your small business off the ground

Steven Drew explains the importance of having a proper marketing plan

Reinventing finance for a digital world

Dr Noel Tagoe was the opening act of our recent careers conference. Here’s how he sees the future…

Networking works

April Warrier of RSM UK has some top advice on how to build your network

Be a storyteller, students told

Anyone entering the accountancy profession must understand that being good with numbers and doing the accounts isn’t what the future profession will be about (and perhaps never was).

First impressions matter

Poor first impressions mean UK employers are losing out on hard-to-find finance professionals, says a new survey from Hays Accountancy & Finance.

Don’t tax the robots, says AAT

The AAT has firmly condemned recommendations to tax workplace robots, despite the accountancy sector facing rapid automation and increased use of AI.

More support needed around mental health

A worrying 71% of accounting professionals believe employers are just not doing enough to support good mental health at work.

Managing talent is vital to saving the public sector

These are worrying times for the public sector but, as Alex Metcalfe reports it’s not all doom and gloom.

It's diversity – get over it!

The ICAEW has put diversity at the top of its agenda with the launch of a new online Diversity Community.

A call to action

Accountant Elaine Clark has launched a Women in Accountancy group and is asking fellow female professionals to provide their input into a survey about their experiences in accountancy.

Is diversity stalling?

Ethnic diversity at the top 10 accountancy firms has stalled, showing little growth over the past two years, according to a new study by Accountancy magazine.

Were some overseas students wrongly deported?

Many thousands of overseas students could be entitled to compensation after a landmark immigration tribunal ruling.

Say hello to your robot colleagues

Half of accountants would feel comfortable working alongside a ‘robot colleague’, according to new research from FreeAgent.

Apprenticeship Levy: one year on

David Fields looks at how the first 12 months of the controversial Apprenticeship Levy has panned out

The future accountant

Andrew Williamson has a vision about what the accountant of the future will look like

Career paths are not clear

Too many young finance professionals in the public sector are being left in the dark about their potential career paths, says a new report from the ACCA.


George Acquah was the star turn to the ACA prize-giving ceremony, where he gave the winners his ’10 things to leave you with’

ICAEW: the letters matter

A professional designation can set you apart, standing you in good stead throughout your career

You are being stalked!

Do you feel like you are being stalked? Well, that could be the case, as a third of recruiters say they regularly use social media to ‘research’ potential candidates.

CIMA the choice for Big 4

The Big 4 accountancy firms are now recruiting a lot more CIMA PQs than ACCA ones, according to the recent Accountancy magazine survey.

Is a recruitment squeeze coming?

Trainee numbers at the Top 75 UK accounting firms are being squeezed, with the total number of trainees growing by just 2.8% in 2017, according to the latest comprehensive survey from Accountancy magazine.

Closing the pay gap

The Big 4 firms recently released new pay gap figures that included partners for the first time. So, how do they look?

Cryptocurrencies: so what do you know?

Accountancy professionals need to better understand cryptocurrencies, says Narayanan Vaidyanathan

How to be our PQ of the Year

We spoke to our recently crowned PQ of the Year, Tyson Nsimbe, about what makes him tick

How to get your small business off the ground

Darren Nicholls explains the ins and outs of running your business from your home

Association unveils new jobs shake-up

PQ has discovered that The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (The Association), the body formed by CIMA and its US partner the AICPA, has begun an extensive business transformation programme.

Big 4 firms are good for you

The Big 4 accountancy firms are a great place to work, but they wreak havoc with your work-life balance, according to the key findings of a new ACCA 'Generation Next' study.

The write stuff

Meet Jean-Paul Noel-Cephise, former accountant and author of 7 Deadly Dates

Make your mark

Alan Hatfield tells you exactly what you need to know to improve your leadership skills

Labour Party’s McDonnell takes aim at the Big 4 accountancy firms

Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell says the large accountancy firms need to take a new ‘Hippocratic Oath’ to maximise the amount of tax their clients pay. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, McDonnell said the Big 4 were not doing enough to tackle tax avoidance. And he warned public anger over this issue was building.

Bringing finance into the digital age

PQ magazine sits down for one of its regular chats with the man in charge of the ongoing CIMA syllabus review, Noel Tagoe

Accountancy must lead the way when it come to equality of opportunity

The UK’s accountancy profession needs to change so it reflects the society it services – and a new ACCA survey highlights this point, says Maggie McGhee

Don’t fall prey to the identity thieves

Corporate identity theft is on the increase so it falls on us all to be vigilant. The case study here outlines a fictional scenario involving identity theft and offers some talking points and courses of action

Ready for the fourth industrial revolution?

PQ dropped into the ICAEW HE conference to hear how the future might look for today’s trainee accountants

MPs grill FRC chief on Carillion collapse

The FRC’s Stephen Haddrill recently answered questions from the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and Works and Pensions committees. Here are extracts of the best bits…

ACCA now 200,000 strong

ACCA recently reached an impressive milestone – its 200,000th member.

EY graduates to become apprentices

EY has announced that it will be transforming its graduate programme in 2018 by offering apprenticeships to both existing students and new joiners. Eligible graduates will now have to work towards their professional accountancy qualification and a government-led Level 7 Apprenticeship in Accountancy and Taxation.

The cost of qualifying

CIMA’s three-tier exam fee system means UK students now pay £390 more than their colleagues in South Africa to sit the professional qualification exams.

A matter of trust

Professional membership of the ACCA is all about trust, says Claire Bennison

AAT unveils three new qualifications

AAT has launched three qualifications for those are aiming to take their first steps into a career in finance.

Do accountants have a future?

The robots are coming, but the big question is, will they be taking your accountancy job?

Rise of the regions

More and more graduates are looking to start their careers outside London, according to the latest stats.

All the sacrifice is worth it in the end

PQ has a guest editor this month – Craig Coda. Here he offers some top tips on how to study effectively

You’ve been hacked!

Ken Witt explains the growing role of the management accountant when it comes to protecting against cyber attacks

One out of 20 not a great stat

Just one of the UK’s 20 largest accounting firms is led by an executive with a Black, Asian and minority ethic (BAME) background, says Green Park and Operation Black Vote (OBV).

Chelsea star with a plan B

Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante has revealed that he is a trained accountant.

CIPFA and the AAT create apprenticeship pathway

CIPFA and the AAT have teamed up to provide the complete public finance apprenticeship pathway.

Ethics survey shows there’s more to do

A new report from ACCA exposes a worrying level of unethical behaviour in the workplace in the UK. ACCA’s Brian McEnery explains all

Making business Qlik

PQ magazine’s Graham Hambly went to talk to the CFO Tim MacCarrick about Qlik, a leader in the visual analytics market

Know your business

Josie Gowler offers some top tips on how you can hit the ground running when you start a new job

Where are the recruitment agencies now?

Has the internet created a better way of recruiting in the accountancy profession? One old timer thinks not…

Boost your career options

ICAEW unveils new designation for ambitious PQs who want to show commitment and drive

PwC publishes BAME pay gap

PwC has revealed that its UK Black, Asian and minority ethnic staff (BAME) earn 12.8% less than other employees.

How to get a master’s degree in six months

Shagufa’s story shows what can be achieved with dedication and hard work

Your guide to the revised CTA exam

The CTA qualification is getting a major overhaul – and it is looking good

CTA exam makeover

The Chartered Institute of Taxation unveiled its new-look CTA exams in early September, to much applause.

ICAEW unveils BFP qualification

Following discussions with leading employers, the ICAEW has launched a new PQ qualification – the Business & Finance Professional (BFP).

A bright future

Two ACAs explain how the ICAEW qualification has help boost their careers

How to give great financial presentations

Peter Simons has some advice on an activity that scares many of you witless – giving a presentation to your firm’s top brass

Female AAT students enjoy bigger earnings

Shock news! There is one accountancy professional body where women earn more than men at both student and affiliate level.

The future belongs to you

PQ magazine and London South Bank University’s one-day conference takes place in November. It’s free to all PQ readers – so make sure that you’re there

Step up for career success

Potential job candidates often assume that upon qualifying as an accountant they will automatically secure a job when applying for a role. What they don’t realise is employers are looking for a lot more than someone who is ‘good with the numbers’.

Drones are coming to an audit near you

Wave goodbye to your calculator, the accountant’s new best friend could be their pet drone!

Computer says no?

Vodafone is extending its AI recruitment system to include senior managers and executives. Currently, only candidates for call centre and shop-floor roles are being asked to submit to video interviews, answering a standard questionnaire.

KPMG settles US hiring discrimination case

KPMG in the US has agreed to pay out $420,000 in back pay, interest and benefits to failed Asian applicants for audit jobs, to resolve allegations of hiring discrimination.

Grant Thornton top for social mobility

The number-one employer in the UK for social mobility is… Grant Thornton.

Big 4 firms like a CIMA

The Big 4 employ more CIMA trainees than ACCA, according to the latest stats compiled by Accountancy magazine.

How to become a partner in your twenties

EY believes robots will take over 30% of the work currently done by its graduates.

What women want

PwC, EY, Deloitte and KPMG all made it on to The Times’ Top 50 employers for women list.

Show me the money!

Accountants have come clean and admitted that money is the key driver for many of them who are looking to switch jobs.

The robots are coming

Automation is coming and accountants know their world is going to change dramatically in the next five years, says FreeAgent’s COO Kevin McCallum.

Back of the net!

We spoke to the AAT’s new Apprentice of the Year Rebecca Fay about her prize-winning night, her career so far and her goals (sorry, excuse the pun!)

How to get your small business off the ground

Cyber crime is something that happens to other firms, right? Wrong! Follow Darren Nicholls tips and keep your firm safe

Show me the money! The survey

A new survey reveals what you really want from your job, says Karen Young

Brexit and the ACCA member

John Williams says ACCA PQs are well placed to enjoy a successful career, whatever happens when the UK leaves the EU

Mental health issues are on the rise

Physical and mental health issues are affecting nearly half of all ICAEW PQs, according to a new CABA survey on student wellbeing trends.

KPMG sacks six

KPMG has fired six staff members, including the head of its US audit practice, after the firm discovered they improperly received advanced warnings that the US watchdog was planning an inspection of one of their audits.

The reluctant accountant

Amnesty International’s Nicki Deeson was the star turn at the recent ICAEW prize-giving ceremony. She explains how auditing nearly put her off accountancy for life!

How to get your small business off the ground: auto enrolment

In this article we deal with the issue of pensions auto enrolment

Transformation is the key to success – as CIMA is proving

CIMA CEO Andrew Harding explains the thinking behind the institute’s new branding that has set the tongues wagging

Land your dream job

Greg Thorpe offers the job hunters among you some top tips for standing out on paper and in person

Is your future in data science?

James Taylor looks at how big data is changing the world for accountants – and creating opportunities, too

The morning ritual

Brian Scudamore, CEO of O2E Brands, recently set out six morning rituals that he believes will make you productive all day. Here they are:

Book review: TED Talks

TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking by Chris Anderson (Headline, £18.99)

Another first for AAT

AAT has become the first accountancy body to sign up to the Women in Finance Charter.

Public servant with a love for numbers

Meet CIPFA student Tim Mpofu, who was recently named our PQ of the Year

All spent out…?

With the public sector under increasing financial pressure, CIPFA has a some suggestions that just might help

How to get your small business off the ground

Welcome to the first in a new series on business basics – simple stuff that you should know about

Kaplan survey: what do Brits really think about accountants?

Accountancy might be perceived as ‘boring’, but it also has plenty to offer, according to a new survey, writes Mark Wolstenholme

Business models: the full stack

A new report from ACCA, Business models of the future: emerging value creation offers insights and analysis into how businesses and policy-makers can support and engage with a range of models that are transforming industries and ways of working in the 21st century.

Book review: What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School

What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School by Mark H McCormack (Profile Books, £9.99)

Employers need to do more

Employers need to do more to support their PQs.

Do you behave ethically?

How often do you ‘observe’ unethical behaviour at work?

Our survey said...

Are you offering your PQs the right types of study support? Hays’ Karen Young analyses the results of a joint PQ/Hays survey

The Apprenticeship Levy: helping fulfil the needs of employers

The Apprenticeship Levy is almost upon us. Mark Farrar explains its implications and outlines the advantages apprenticeships can bring

Improve your prospects

We spoke to Cheryl Ramsden from top recruiter Howett Thorpe about the general state of the job market

Pay ratios needed

More than 90% of AAT members believe executive pay would be better controlled by the introduction of pay ratios, according to the AAT Corporate Governance Survey 2017.

Audit isn’t sexy enough anymore

The audit profession is at a tipping point.

Technology is king

Wow Company’s Paul Bulpitt says it’s time for accountancy firms to get with the program and get IT savvy

Apprenticeships: change is imminent

James Taylor explains changes to apprenticeship funding due to come into force in April

Ensuring your longevity

Pauline Schu explains how to ensure longevity in a finance and accountancy career

‘Generation Next’ is ready to move

Young finance professional are almost permanently looking for a career promotion or a jump to a new job, says a new global survey from the ACCA.

Cyber security offers new career options

Simon Wright explains why this growing area offers opportunities for the right candidates

Future perfect

Karen Young explains on how PQs can ensure their skills stay relevant in a fast-changing profession

Now is a great time to be a PQ

We may live in increasing uncertain times, but one certainty for 2017 is that talented part qualifieds will still be in big demand, says Hays Accountancy & Finance’s Karen Young.

New gateway to the CGMA

CIMA and CIPFA have agreed a new ‘CPFA to CGMA Top Up through the CIMA Gateway’.

Recruitment firm target for hackers

Recruitment firm Michael Page has been hacked, resulting in the theft of the personal information of 710,000 applicants.

Seeking perfection: be the perfect finance professional

Faye Chua explains how you can become the perfect professional accountant

Salary survey: what are you worth?

Karen Young provides her insight into the newly released Hays UK Salary & Recruiting Trends 2017 guide.

Time for gender equality

Gillian Fawcett explains why CIPFA is setting up a Women in Public Finance Network to explore gender equality in public services

Are the NHS' foundations flawed?

Can the NHS’s transformations plans work? Some FDs have serious doubts

How to make sure you’ll fit right in

Karen Young explains how PQs can assess whether an employer is the right fit for them

Trainee unfairly sacked

A Circuit Civil Court in Ireland has ruled that trainee accountant Peter Nowak was unfairly dismissed by PwC.

Tax goes global

Ever looked at the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT)?

Woman on a mission

Meet Rebecca Gilmour, a woman who took a different route to land the ACCA qualification

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