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AAA sooo dull…

15 May 2019

Is the ACCA AAA study material the most likely to ‘send you to sleep’? Students are saying they are really struggling to concentrate on the lecturers. “I felt like taking a nap!,” said one studier after a long session.

Students studying AA have revealed they were feeling the same. Many studying towards the next exam said they just plan to move quickly onto answering questions. “It might make it a bit easier to stay awake,” explained a hapless PQ.

SBL was also deemed “a dry dull subject.” For one PQ caffeine was their new best friend.

Shorts bursts of study with regular breaks and a reward at the end of a study session were the best suggestions from fellow sufferers. The worry for some is that they have started to biscuit snack! “ACCA absolutely ruins my diets,” said one ACCA.

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