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NatWest trials fingerprint payments over £30

25 March 2019

Bank customers could soon be able to go over the £30 contactless card limit by using fingerprint technology.

A trail by NatWest, the first of its kind in the UK, will allow debit cardholders to pay with just a wave of their card. You won’t even need to remember a pin. The new cards contain an electronic copy of the customer’s fingerprint in one corner. They then place their finger over their card and simply wave it over the terminal – wave and pay.

The pilot is currently limited to just 200 customers, but if successful it is being heralded as the next step in the contactless spending revolution.

The added advantage of the new system is the fact that the card is useless without the users fingerprint!

However, collecting fingerprints and storing this data remotely could be a problem.

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