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Mental health issues are on the rise

Physical and mental health issues are affecting nearly half of all ICAEW PQs, according to a new CABA survey on student wellbeing trends.

June 2017

The research found, worryingly, that 42% of ACA students say they don’t feel physically or mentally healthy. And it would appear that PQs are feeling more stressed this year. Some 44% of respondents to the survey said they felt less healthy than a year ago. The lack of time to do physical activity (30%), diet (23%) and stress (22%) were all cited as reasons for feeling unhealthy.
The effects on students are stark, with many PQs complaining of a lack of sleep, tiredness and a loss of energy. All were impacting on their workplace productivity.
It is hardly surprising then that almost two in five ICAEW PQs (38%) are unhappy about their work-life balance. A major concern of PQs is the sheer amount of time work takes up in their personal lives, with 28% saying they are expected to work extended hours. This is evidenced by the fact that 25% of respondents worked between 43 and 60 hours a week.
CABA’s CEO Kath Haines said: “This research highlights that unhealthy lifestyles are having an affect on student accountants, and employers would be wise to take note.”
She felt that striking a work-life balance is hard, but working too much is a vicious circle – not getting enough sleep or exercise is detrimental to workplace performance.
Haines revealed that CABA is partnering with the ICAEW to form a joint working group to help tackle the issues raised by its students.

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