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Last paper sitting in UK for the skills level sitters

02 November 2017

ACCA PQs in the UK have just one sitting left to sit their skill level exams on paper.

December 2017 is the last sitting where both paper and CBE exams will be offered side- by-side. From 2018 (March) all those sitting F5 to F9 will have to sit their exam online.

The ACCA’s Alan Hatfield told PQ magazine that CBE students are writing less in their exams, but the quality is better. He hopes this is because they are thinking more carefully about what they write. Students can of course easily delet anything they have written too!

He was also really pleased with CBE students’ engagement with the resources, and there are lots of them. It has been estimated that 85% of students are now using the resources on exam preparation and techniques.

The offer of four sittings a year is now two years old. Looking at the stats Hatfield revealed that the June and December sittings are still the big ones, although the September sitting is catching them up.

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