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How to get your small business off the ground

Cyber crime is something that happens to other firms, right? Wrong! Follow Darren Nicholls tips and keep your firm safe

July 2017

Following the news of various recent attacks, could my business be at risk of cyber crime?
There are a wide variety of crimes that fall under the term ‘cyber crime’ and it is highly likely that you, and your business, have already fallen victim to it. For example, most of us have received an unsolicited email at some point – known as spam – but rather than this simply being an annoyance it is in fact illegal and therefore a cyber crime.
The most common types of cyber crime are:
• Virus infections to business computers.
• Phishing – where sensitive information such as passwords are stolen.
• Debit and credit card fraud.
While you may have security, cyber crime is rapidly evolving and there is always a risk that you might have been compromised. You should consider having a policy that regularly reviews any threat to your business. Take a look at Cyber Essentials – a government-backed scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common attacks.
Cyber security needs to be a priority for every business. Security breaches could put businesses out of action and cost money, which could be fatal for small businesses with little time and money to spare. You should ensure you:
• Protect your computers by having the latest versions of security software.
• Make back-up copies of important documents.
• Hide and encrypt wi-fi.
• Use different passwords for every different account you have.
• Consider speaking to a cyber security specialist.
With cyber crime rarely out of the news, any business of any size is a potential target for criminals. As a business owner you will need to ensure you have the right security measures in place to protect your data, and keep your business safe and secure.
• Darren Nicholls is Product Manager for Informi, powered by AAT. Visit informi.co.uk/PQ to find more practical advice

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