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How to get those four easy marks

So where are the ACCA professional marks awarded?

April 2016

• P1, P3, P4 & P5 – all marks in section A, Q1.
• P2 – two marks in each question in section B.
• P6 & P7 – all four marks in either Q1 or Q2 (section A).
A lot of students mistakenly believe it is all about choosing the right format – although this is part of it!
The marks are available for introducing the topic appropriately. You must also make convincing points with counter-arguments, while using the appropriate tone for the audience. The markers will be looking for logical flow and structure, which draw together main themes of an argument into a valid set of conclusions.
Do some planning. If each minute in the exam hall is worth 1.8 marks this means you have seven minutes to gain these professional marks.
You must use the appropriate format – if asked for a report or press statement then that’s what you need to produce. Don’t write a letter when you have been asked for a memo.
And remember those exam basics: keep your sentences short and concise; have short paragraphs and make sure your writing is legible; make sure you leave plenty of white space; and make the marker stop and think: does this need a mark? Another no-no is writing down points as they come into your head – make sure your points are logical.
Headings and conclusions/ recommendations are also key. Also, remember to put the question you are answering at the top of each page.
Finally, it seems the examiners don’t like slang or abbreviations. Remember you are a professional, so accordingly use professional language that reflects your status.

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