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Graphs still important for F5 examiner

26 June 2017


The F5 examiner stressed that graphs are still important in F5. Although you won’t be asked to draw graphs anymore, you can and will be asked to interpret them. So do you know your CVP graphs, linear programme graphs and decision trees?

In section B the range of topics covered for March included: Costing, pricing, risk, cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis, learning curves, and budgeting.

For section C candidates were presented with questions drawn mainly from the areas of: performance management, planning and operational variances, and relevant costing.

The examiner stressed that good exam technique is vital for success in F5. The strong recommended candidates use headings and white space to make your answer easier to follow.

Students struggle with the numeric side, and good technique is ‘less evident’ in papers, it was suggested. There were too many examples in March of random calculations with no explanation - tell the marker what the numbers mean!
However, there was a marked improvement in the use of the CBE software in March.

The examiner is hoping students are using the wealth of resources available on the ACCA website. It was also remarked that answers were more thorough than December’s sitting.

For spreadsheet software there is still evidence of candidates calculating their answers on their calculators and typing them into the spreadsheet cells.

Remember the spreadhseet has the functionality to calculate number for you. This makes it clear to the marker what you have done.

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