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Get on track with maths

CIMA knows that good maths skills are an essential underpinning for both its Certificate in Business Accounting and professional qualification, so it is offering all CIMA students access to some free maths modules.

January 2017

It is hoping this will ensure that PQs are up to speed with their maths knowledge and understanding.
The free maths modules will be especially useful if you are a certificate student who will be transferred to the 2017 Certificate syllabus in January without having completed the C03 assessment under the 2011 syllabus structure.
The modules will also provide a useful revision tool for students studying for the 2015 CIMA professional qualification, especially anyone who didn’t complete C03 at the Certificate level for any reason.
There are eight modules – Advanced Financial Mathematics, Basic Mathematics, Descriptive Statistics, Financial Mathematics, Forecasting, Forecasting – correlation and regression, Presenting Data and Probability.
You can identify areas where you need a better understanding and use parts of the modules accordingly, or you can spend time looking at all of the modules for a refresher course. Relevant maths modules are mapped to each of the Professional level subjects.
Access the free maths modules at https://connect.cimaglobal.com/ groups/certificate-level-2017/ resources (search for ‘maths modules’).

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