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Farewell F5 and welcome PM!

09 August 2018

ACCA PQs will have to start getting their head around even more acronyms!

The old paper numbering system has been replaced. You now have to think AAA and TX instead of P7 and F6.

So, for instance, F5 Performance Management becomes just simply Performance Management (PM). The ACCA has stressed that all exam resources listed as F5 can be used for studying PM.

For Advanced Taxation (ATX), previously known as P6 Advanced Taxation, the ACCA said it continues to update resources to the new exam terminology but you may see some resources still using the old exam code P6. However, when it comes to the optional papers the ACCA has pointed to the vital fact that the exam format and content has changed from September.

If you think about it logically this had to happen as P1, P2 and P3 have now been replaced with just two papers – SBR and SBL. I would have meant the ACCA would have had to re-number the optional papers and this could have led to even more confusion!


Accountant in Business (AB) - previously F1 Accountant in Business

Management Accounting (MA) - previously F2 Management Accounting

Financial Accounting (FA) - previously F3 Financial Accounting

Corporate & Business Law (LW) - previously F4 Corporate & Business Law

Performance Management (PM) - previously F5 Performance Management

Taxation (TX) - previously F6 Taxation

Financial Reporting (FR) - previously F7 Financial Reporting

Audit & Assurance (AA) - previously F8 Audit & Assurance

Financial Management (FM) - previously F9 Financial Management

Strategic Business Leader (SBL) - replaces P1 Governance, Risk & Ethics and P3 Business Analysis

Strategic Business reporting (SBR) - replaces P2 Corporate Reporting

Advanced Financial Management (AFM) - previously P4 Advanced Performance Management

Advanced Performance Management (APM) - previously P5 Advanced Performance Management

Advanced Taxation (ATX) - previously F6 Advanced Taxation

Advanced Audit & Assurance (AAA) - previously P7 Advanced Audit & Assurance

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