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Fall in CIMA strategic case pass rate

26 October 2018

CIMA PQs may have to read up a bit more on the newspaper industry, if the latest strategic case study results are anything to go by!

More strategic students than usual struggled with the Finch News Group case in August, and the pass rate dipped below 60% for the first time in quite a few sittings (it was 59%).

By contrast the management case study pass rates this summer zoomed ahead to 75%.

Meanwhile, the operational case study is still a little on the low side at 49%, but that said, it was a much better pass rate than was achieved by May sitters (43%).

When it comes to the OTs the first-time pass rates continue on their upward trajectory. The E2 and E1 papers shine out here with 89% and 80% pass rates respectively.

P1and F2 seem to be the ‘harder’ papers, with pass rates for those sitting first-time moving up slightly to 52% and 58%.

There may be one area PQs also need to keep an eye on. The total exams passed all dipped for the operational OTs. It was only by 1% each, but they all dropped this time around.

CIMA OT first time pass rates: E1 80%; P1 52%; F1 74%; E2 89%; P2 60%; F2 58%; E3 74%; P3 61%; F3 61%

CIMA OT total exams passes: E1 76%; P1 48%; F1 70%; E2 86%; P2 53%; F2 53%; E3 69%; P3 55%; F3 56%

These pass rates cover Its sat between 1 October 2017 and 30 September 2018

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