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Examiner tips for APM

08 February 2019

The first tip from the examiner – read the Examiner’s Report!

Areas in December exam where student’s basic knowledge was lacking was particular clear in Q2(c) on six sigma method and questions and 3(a&b) on methods of assessing the impact of risk and uncertainty. Without this knowledge candidates cannot apply methods and have little information to evaluate.

Q1 required candidates to consider issues of performance reporting and benchmarking at a listed engineering company. It required an evaluation of the performance reporting system and many candidates showed a tendency to have learnt a set response to such questions and repeated points regardless of their relevance.

Q2 dealt with issues of performance measurement and management. Students had to use the performance pyramid.

Q3 examined risks associated with a foreign expansion opportunity. Many students had a poor understanding of the methods of analysing such situations.

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