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Dyslexic employees the answer

15 October 2018

Dyslexic employees could help to solve the skills shortages of the future, claims a new EY and Made by Dyslexia report.

It says the unique way dyslexic people view and interact with the world could help companies meet the challenges of business in the 21st century. Cognitive flexibility, creativity, visualisation and complex problem solving – all recognised as key strengths of dyslexic individuals – will become increasingly valuable as all sectors of industry embrace new technology in what is often termed the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

Some 6.6m people in the UK (just over one in 10) thought to have dyslexia, and EY says the potential is huge.

EY’s Uk chairman, Steve Varley, said: “The report shows that dyslexic individuals already have some of the skills that will be in high demand in the future…A business where neurodiversity is better understood and the strengths of dyslexic individuals are harnessed, could well become more innovative and better place for the rapidly changing world of work.”

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