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December exam feedback

ACCA F7 candidates worrying about the amount of C answers in the MCQs, P1 sitters struggling to write a letter, and an outcry over P7 time pressure.

January 2017

These were just some of the comments we received about the December sitting.
Time management seems a real headache for P7 sitters. As one PQ put it: “This exam is driving me crazy with its time pressure.” Another said: “Why so little time? I feel like crying already.”
It seems many P level students are getting bogged down with Q1, which then puts real pressure on the rest of the exam.
HTFT’s Clare Finch stressed that with most of the P papers the best technique is for students to start with a section B question. She also felt that once students master exam timing they are ‘almost qualified’ – that is the key to your success in the exam hall.
One of her papers is P2. The ACCA examining team published an article on 2 December on IFRS 13 (the exam was on 8 December), and it appeared in Q3. The worry here is many students in revision mode may have missed this vital piece.
While F7 sitters felt the exam this time around was easier than the September test, many PQs were worried about the amount of Cs they put down in the MCQs. As a sitter said to our tweet: “OMG true true!! Lots of Cs made me wonder.”
P1 sitters found Q4 confusing and Q1 a ‘strange mix’. In Q1 they were asked to write a letter to shareholders, for 18 marks. One PQ called it ‘brutal’ and many students had to admit they just didn’t know what to put in the letter.

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